VENTO Bici Tour

VENTO Bici Tour 2018: the 6th edition has arrived!
from 25/05 to 03/06 riding from Torino to Venezia along the Po River

from 25/05 to 03/06 from Torino to Venezia along the Po river
Two weekends of collective bike-riding and events along the longest Italian cycling path of the future


VENTO is the project of a future cycle-tourist backbone from VENezia to TOrino along the Po River. Conceived by the Politecnico di Milano, it became part of the Sistema nazionale delle ciclovie turistiche, with the support of the Italian Government and the Regions crossed by the Po River. A safe, continuous and interconnected infrastructure that would help people rediscover the Italian landscape and renew the experience of visiting and discovering it through the slow rhythm of cycling. VENTO is a territorial project: 679 km of cycling paths that will also be 679 km of green economy and green jobs. For more information visit:

VENTO Bici Tour is not only a holiday and it is not a bike ride: it’s an extraordinary opportunity to ride along the track of the future longest Italian cycling path of the future all together, learning the value of tourist bike paths and the advantages for the intersected territories.Politecnico di Milano promotes a unique opportunity, before the bike path is constructed, to discover the beauty of a forgotten territory extraordinarily rich in surprises. Days spent cycling through different landscapes and crossing the borders of four Regions along a path that connects the Alps to the Adriatic following the River’s course. Good food is one of the main features of VENTO: once again: Slow Food takes part in VENTO Bici Tour steps bringing the best recipes and promoting the territorial products. Riding is also a unique way to experience the quality of food that typically characterises our territories.