VENTO Bici Tour 2019

The 7th edition has arrived! From 24/05 to 03/06 riding from Chivasso to Venezia along the Po River, a collective bike ride organized and promoted by the Politecnico di Milano.
Two long lasting weekends of collective bike-riding and many cultural, social and institutional events along one the longest Italia cycling path of the future.

Signing up is an active mode to take part to the project and affirm together that investing in tourist cycling infrastructure is good for the country: for citizens, for work, for beauty, for the economy. The right one.

Cycling is a political act. Cycling in group is a silent revolution.

Tour press launch conference: 25th March – 11.00 am – Auditorium Bosch, Milano

VENTO project

VENTO is a cycle path project along the Po River. With its 679 km is the longest of Italy, from VENezia to TOrino, via Milano.

A new concept of cycling tourism backbone: a light, secure, continuous and interconnected infrastructure that offers tourists the opportunity to enjoy the Italian landscape by tracing it and discovering it on the bicycle seat. It’s the landscape our most valuable cultural asset, the continuum between monuments, cities and citizens. And the bicycle could invite hundreds of thousands of new visitors from all over the world to the extraordinary territory of the northern Italy inner areas.

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Photos along VENTO track


VENTO is a registered trademark so the brand use is strictly regulated: it can be put on informative materials while it can not be affixed to promotional material (if authorized), especially if the subject is promoted with a profit. The brand, moreover, can not be printed on T-shirts or other gadgets. Any improper use of the trademark will be prosecuted according to law.