Edition 2018

May 25th / June 3rd 2018 | Two weekends of collective bike ride

The 6th edition of the Tour started from Torino on Friday 25th of May, and reached Venezia on Sunday 3rd of June. Two weekends of collective bike ride, Fri 25th – Sun 27th of May from Turin to Pavia, and Fri 1st – Sun 3rd of June from Mantova to Lido di Venezia. Plus, a week of events full of formative, cultural, social and institutional meetings, into the territories crossed by Po river between Pavia and Mantua.

From Monday 28th to Thursday 31st of May, the research group of Politecnico di Milano has proceeded his ride offering cultural and formative events in some places along the way: Piacenza, Cremona, Boretto, Reggio Emilia and Mantova.

In Piacenza, Cremona and Mantova, the research group organized formative lessons, both technical and cultural, part in classroom and part by bike – this latter fundamental for the professional training of new planners. VENTO. PROGETTARE PEDALANDO. La progettazione cicloturistica tra territorio, infrastruttura leggera e comunicazione. (VENTO. PLANNING BY BIKE. The project of tourist cycle paths among territory, light infrastructure and communication). The aim was to provide some basics, acquired during the project of VENTO, for the planning of long distance cycle paths. Three lessons organized in partnership with the territorial branches of Politecnico di Milano, in Piacenza, Cremona and Mantua, and a bike ride from Piacenza to Caorso, along the right side of the Po river.

On Monday 28th in Piacenza, in partnership with Iren, we organized Accendiamo la notte con VENTO (Light up the night with VENTO), a nocturnal bike ride enlightened by 150 lanterns and bicycles pedaling with us. We started from the walls of the city to the center, ending at Campus Arata of Politecnico di Milano in Piacenza to celebrate together.

On Wednesday 30th we painted along the cycle path with the project #coloriamoVENTO (let’s paint VENTO). A project born from the will of different people and organizations working in the territories near VENTO: a big, choral initiative between Politecnico di Milano, Farmacie Comunali Riunite del Comune di Reggio nell’Emilia, Reggio Emilia Città Senza Barriere, Comune di Boretto e Comune di Guastalla. We experimented new manners to narrate the territories crossed by tourist cycle paths, and to beautify the infrastructure itself.

On Tuesday 31st, for VENTO è/e bikeconomy (VENTO is/and bikeconomy) in Reggio Emilia, we had a productive debate about the new Bikeconomy and what it can offer to our country and its inhabitants, older and younger, through the light and promising threads which are the tourist cycle path of the national system, like VENTO.

The 7th edition has been supported by many partners, that pedaled with us and with VENTOcyclists: Bosch eBike Systems, Bvlgari, Cinelli, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Iren e Michelin, which endorsed the initiative as sponsors. Moreover, DAMA Sportswear, technical sponsor of the Tour. Fondazione Cariplo, supporting the project VENTO Photo shootSlow Food Italia, actively collaborating in the organization of most of the stops and powerfully endorsing the idea of the good food as a landscape of the mind, bringing together the best recipes, their local protagonists and the quality of our tradition, of which Slow Food is guarantor. SicSport, GIEC and Seda provided health assistance to the cyclists and propagated the culture of prevention through the physical activity, in partnership with three cardiologists equipped with defibrillators, which followed us during the two weekends of collective bike ride.



The Tour represented the occasion to assess the situation about a project with a strong will: to give the more fragile areas a development perspective, tearing them off from the crisis. We pedaled along a project, a prototype of local development able to regenerate territories, enhance landscapes, cultures and traditions, produce employment and green economy.

Ten full days in which we disclosed that there is an escape from the crisis, possible with cooperation, business and culture. The Tour is not a cycle occurrence. It is a tangible demonstration of the much we can do in these territories with the realization of the cycle path: a project of territorial regeneration, successful and possible, for the Country and for the people. A model feasible not only along the Po, but also in many places of Italy where to generate employment and happiness starting from the resources of the territory.





VENTO Bici Tour 2018

1° weekend | from Torino to Pavia (Mn)

2° weekend | from Mantova to Venezia