VENTO Bici Tour

VENTO Bici Tour 2020

VIII Edition | From 11th to 20th of September along the future VENTO cycle path


In the year in which the VENTO project turns 10 years and the Regions, accompained by DAStU-Politecnico di Milano, are starting the realization of the first 134 km of the cycle path (read more), the pandemic can’t stop that silent revolution of which VENTO Bici Tour becomes a carrier throught pedaling together.

Unfortunately, this year the tour will not be open to everyone, but everyone will be able to follow it live on social networks, thus becoming part of that cultural change that VENTO wants to trigger by bringing new tourism to the fragile areas of our country. A slow and curious tourism, respectful of the places and people who live there, capable of reactivating employment and economies where there is a need for new answers. Today even more than yesterday, due to Covid-19.

VENTO Bici Tour returns to color with bicycles the banks of the Po river, to celebrate the important goals achieved together with representatives of the institutions involved in the project in various ways and invited to take part in the cycling days.



We will ride…

  • along the first 4 priority functional lots of VENTO to show you how much will go ahead following the conclusion of the technical and economic feasibility project, which was carried out in a unitary way for the entire cycle route by the Technical Table of the Regions together with the DAStU-Politecnico di Milano
  • along the Naviglio Pavese from Milan to Pavia, to return with the mind and the heart to the prologue of the first VENTO Bici Tour (it was 2013) and show that the project is being carried out also thanks to the commitment of some local authorities that with own resources are initiating complementary and synergistic interventions to those implemented by the Regions through ministerial transfers and own resources
  • along the cycle connection route, planned from Ferrara to Argenta that will connect VENTO to the Adriatic Cycle Route along the Rhine River, to show that VENTO is a backbone of a wider network system (National Cycling Tourism System) that is developing on multiple scales and through work and collaboration between a multiplicity of subjects


Not just riding events…

  • in Milan we will talk about cardioprotection of the infrastructure, which also means cardioprotection of the territories crossed, and cycle paths as opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles
  • in Pieve del Cairo we will discuss regeneration processes starting from line projects that promote a particular idea of tourism and work in fragile rural areas
  • in Casale Monferrato we will talk about forms of inclusive territorial regeneration, where inclusiveness lies in the recovery of properties for bicycle tourism services to be provided in collaboration with fragile subjects
  • in Argenta we will close the Tour together with Roberto Balzani and in connection with Giorgio Diritti, director of Il vento fa il suo giro, in a big party for 10 years of VENTO


Due to Covid-19, participation in cycling and events is by invitation.

Through social networks we will do everything possible to give everyone the opportunity to feel part of the events, remotely.

Don’t miss the scheduled connections at 12.45 of each day of the Tour!