7th edition is coming from May 24th to June 3rd

The tour

We officially announce you the days of VENTO Bici Tour 2019: from May 24th to June 3rd, from Turin to Venice along the Po river. VENTO Bici Tour, at its 7th edition, is a cultural-bike-tour for everyone, consisting in two long weekends of collective bike ride:

  • from Friday 24th to Monday 27th May 2019
  • from Friday 31st May to Monday 3rd June 2019

discovering the territories in the valley of the Po river.

We are defining the cultural program, the stops and the places that will receive the tour. Follow us to keep updated about the details of this extraordinary journey by bike: an opportunity to experience together a new kind of tourism, starting from the beauty of the territories and the people who live there. Registration will start in December!

Ride with us let’s build  together a new possible model of growth for the inner areas of the Country, based on a collective vision of community.

For the companies, the sponsorship campaign for the support of the 7th edition of VENTO Bici Tour is open.

Write to vento@polimi.it for information.

What is VENTO Bici Tour? How is it born?

VENTO Bici Tour is much more than a usual organized tour. An entire week of events in the territories traversed by VENTO, the future touristc cycle path of over 700 km, from Venice to Turin (VEnezia – TOrino), along the riverbanks of the Po. A new way to talk about culture, conceived by the VENTO research group of DAStU (Department of Architecture and Urban Studies) of Politecnico di Milano. The tour combines research and participation, reducing the distances between scientific institutions, governments, organizations and citizens.

The idea was born in autumn 2012. The first edition of VENTO Bici Tour was held in 2013 as a workshop of itinerant planning along the VENTO path, with the purpose to explain the project directly in the involved territories: squares, town councils, university classrooms, meetings of associations, clubs on the river, farmstead yards…

For the first time, in 2017 we opened the tour to everyone: supporters of the project joined the VENTO research group, animating the cycle path that does not exist yet, but that will be reality soon. It was a success and we replied in 2018: more than 1.000 travelers have ride with us!

How many will be in 2019???

VENTO Bici tour 2018 video by Fogmakers